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    31.8. - 6.9. 10:00 - 19:00
    Ars Electronica Quarter,Kajute

    5.9.23:00 - 24:00

Ars Electronica 2011

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This is an interactive musical instrument which generates ‘mirage’ by surrounding the audience spatially with music and images. Traditionally, various media: musical instruments, theater, films and video games attempt to generate ‘mirage’. The mirage00 projects music and images which enables the audience to dive directly into the contents. It also detects the emotions of the audience with sensors such as cameras and microphones, and reflects them into music and images. It resonates and amplifies the audience’s senses in multiples. Then this ‘mirage’ creates ‘ilinx’ which breaks human autonomy and elicit vital force of human life from the audience.


Typical musical instruments create musical sounds only, however, with the mirage00 the audience can operate the integrated input-output system which manages music, images, a lighting of the body and sensors as one instrument. The most distinctive feature of the mirage00 is that it can compose 360 degrees visual space where the audience can enjoy anywhere around it.


We adopted flat interface with touch panel for playing the instrument. This flat interface enables a player to use multiple operation interfaces along with the playing contents. The player touches the panel to generate music and images. There are mainly 3 modes for operating: sequencer mode, magic pad mode and virtual instrument mode. The player can manipulate and mix sound loops directly on the screen of each mode in real-time. Special effects are applied to music and images by tilting the body of the mirage00. The body is covered with acrylic panels and the contents are brightened with LEDs.


The software is based on the game engine we have developed. It runs fast and can manage music, images, camera and sensors in real-time. The contents are written by a scripting language. It is also powerful and flexible enough to apply complex digital signage.


Kouji Ohno

is a game designer and programmer. He has created games in various platforms from video games to mobile games. Besides games, he developed applications for business and wrote technological books. He is a speaker at CEDEC that is a Japan's biggest conference. He works in a wide range of areas from R&D to media art.


Tetsuya Yamamaoto

is a design engineer and a PhD candidate in the Graduate School of Science and Technology at Kobe University. He researches human computer interaction, wearable computing, physical computing and communication design. Especially, he aim to create new style of spacial and social human computer interaction out of doors.


Nobu Miake

is a industrial designer and assistant professor at Kobe Design University. He designed audio visual products and mobile phones at SANYO Electric Co.,Ltd. He also works in interior design, furniture design, and ship design.

Toshikazu Toyama

is a candidate for the master's degree in management of health and welfare at Nihon Fukushi University. He is also a VJ in nightclubs. He specializes effective video production in the festivals with technique of social welfare support. He researches on evidence-based improvised video performance that arouse a feeling of exaltation by design.